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    Buying Carpet

    1. Make sure that the carpet has been graded by an independent grading scheme such as the Australian Carpet Classification Scheme (ACCS).
    2. When comparing prices, most carpets are priced by the broadloom metre (measures 1 metre by 3.65 metres) but some are also priced by the square metre.
    3. If comparing carpet prices to other flooring products – e.g. vinyl, ceramic tiles, timber, and laminate – remember all these products are priced by the square metre.
    4. Ask your retailer about the type of underlay best suited to your choice of carpet. A good underlay will make the carpet feel more comfortable and luxurious, extend the life of the carpet, overcome minor imperfections in the subfloor, reduce noise, improve thermal insulation resulting in lower energy bills in heating and cooling, and further reduce the risk of serious injury resulting from slips and falls.
    5. Ask your retailer to show you an installation plan so that you know where the carpet joins occur.
    6. Keep a record of the name of the retailer and carpet manufacturer, the carpet grading number, type of underlay, any warranty information and retain a small piece of unused carpet.
    7. Consider buying a little extra carpet as a reserve to replace damaged areas. If you are carpeting stairs, think about buying enough carpet to recover the stairs, as carpet on stairs wears faster than in other areas of the home.
    8. Protect carpet from prolonged periods of direct sunlight with blinds, shades or awnings.
    9. Ensure adequate ventilation on the day and for a day or so after new carpet is installed.
    10. If you don’t already have one, buy a good vacuum cleaner. Modern cleaners with multi filter systems will safely remove dirt and fine dust particles. Uprights or vacuums with turbo heads are the best.
    11. Place barrier mats at outside doors to trap dirt from shoes.

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