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    At The Carpet & Tile Gallery we use quality foam underlay from Australia’s leading manufacturer Airstep Australia.  We also use products from other suppliers if we believe the quality is as good as Airstep Australia.

    All Airstep Australia underlays are produced in Australia from 90% recycled material and are totally recyclable. They are antimicrobially treated to prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew, they are asthma and allergy friendly due to low VOC emissions, they will assist with acoustic and thermal properties and can be used with heated concrete slabs.

    When selecting a carpet underlay, it is important to consider the vital job the underlay has to deliver. It needs to be firm enough to support the carpet, yet be soft enough to give you the luxurious underfoot feeling you desire. There are a range of different quality underlays to choose from, the experienced staff at The Carpet & Tile Gallery can assist you in selecting the correct type of underlay to enhance the feel and longevity of your selected carpet.

    Airstep Australia also produce a range of underlays suitable for use in commercial applications and with timber floating floors.

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